About Me

Hey There and welcome once again to my blog! As mentioned before my name is Vusi and I’ve been an Android developer for just over 5 years.


in 2018 after gaining extensive experience as a Network Engineer, previously having been CCNA certified, as well as looking after Datacenter Systems, I decided to dive into the world of Android Development.

I’ve worked for two of the four biggest banks in South Africa, ABSA and Standard bank, with both roles achieving rewardingly different outcomes. I’ve also worked with Paystack, being involved both with an internal project to manage budgets and spending per teams, as well as their updated Kotlin SDK.

in 2019 I became an organiser for the Google Developers Group in Johannesburg – a local Google sponsored meet-up for developers in Johannesburg to get together and talk about all things Kotlin as well as any Google technologies they found willing to share knowledge of. We ensured the meet-ups happened as often as possible through the lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic, continuing of sharing of knowledge amongst developers. The Google DevFest South Africa would also continue to be held during this period.

I have a passion for technology in general, stemming from a network engineering perspective and extending to systems and software. Working in software offers challenges unlike any other, but when I merge my knowledge from my years in networking and systems, that’s when my ability to solve complex problems truly shines.

Outside of coding, I’m passionate about running and swimming. Indoors, gaming is my go-to, and I never miss a Formula 1 race. Expect occasional posts on F1 and my diverse interests. Additionally, I have a keen interest in storytelling and the creative writing process. I believe that powerful software is enhanced by an equally compelling backstory.

Apps I’ve worked on: